Geeks on Steroids

24 Apr
Website Designers

Website Designers

I’ve been working with Janeth for about 15 years now over at Geeks on Steroids.  I am a web developer and everything this article talks about when it talks about a custom web designer.

Janeth has always been a bit ahead of her time but then that’s just Janeth.  She was talking about social media marketing back before it was called social media marketing.  But I could go on all day about how great Janeth is and I’d like to talk about some other things.   

Nowadays just about everyone has a web site.  You’ve got to, because everybody goes online and conducts research before making a purchase.  Unfortunately, most websites are really bad at influencing or persuading people to make a purchase.

The way you structure your web site is the most important factor in converting your visitors into dollars.  Most web designers have gotten it wrong, there is a new approach for creating web sites that are guaranteed to bring you lots more traffic.

Janeth has lots of Geeks on Steroids  web 2.0 properties that talk about her and her work.  Of course her large fan base was originally built up through her forum postings and then added on to with her blogs. 

To make it online now days it’s really about finding a hungry group of people with a need that you are able to feel.

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