Needing to Make Some Money

2 May

Beer-Cap-Twitter-iconI wasn’t always a web designer.  When I was younger I had the privilege of working with an older gentleman.  He was one of those guys everyone wanted to stop and talk to.  I felt like he was just lazy.  All the time talking and never working but maybe it was his personality of being someone that really cared that made so many people stop and say high.

That’s the kind of person you want today over your social media marketing and search engine optimization.  The truth of the matter search engine optimization is all but dead.

Ask any SEO what works and watch him stumble through it but ask a web designer what you need and he’ll lay it out for you on a nice little platter.  It’s because your web designer is your new marketing guy. 

And the old style of marketing is dead, marketing today is about content marketing on social media sites and it’s that same content that will get your website the link juice it needs to rank.

Even local divorce attorneys can see content marketing is going to be the next be thing.  Attorney Tanya Stewart is already ahead of the crowd by writing and coming out with her own book.

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