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Google Search Engine Friendly Design 101

10 Mar
SEO Friendly Design

SEO Friendly Design

Search engine optimization, or SEO for short, happens when one attempts to alter a websites ranking in the top of one of the major search engines for a particular keyword within the organic search results.

I say attempt because there are hundreds of thousands of people trying to rank #1 for a particular keyword in one of the major search engines every second of every day.  And no, I am not talking about paid search marketing.  Paid search marketing requires you to pay for every click.  I am talking about organic, the free one.

You see the problem with ranking in the organic results is that the process is always changing.  At one time it was much easier than it is today.  We’ve gone from things as simple as including your keywords in your title tag on your web page to anchor text

Everyone since 1997 search engines have been growing in popularity.  Even before Google and Yahoo we had AltaVista and InfoSeek that could provide results in a fraction of a second.

The really cool thing is that even though the results were no were close to being as good as they are today people still became reliant on them.  By the millions and the frequency at which they were using them was growing as well.

Information is at your finger tips.  You’re able to retrieve information in seconds.  Anything you want to know.  From who’s got the best prices on white silicone wristbands to who’s the best most affordable divorce attorney in Nashville?

It was around about this time in 1997 that search engine optimization was started.  Folks like Danny Sullivan and Bruce Clay appeared on the scene as the experts.  They reported on and got people to look at how the search engine algorithms worked.  Folks from all over the internet began taking notes and testing different strategies to see what worked best for ranking websites.

This was the breeding ground for what we have now known as the SEO’s or search engine optimizers.

Once word got out about search engine optimization, people started charging for the services of helping to rank someone’s website.