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” Oh, the Places They’ll Go – Ancient Aliens!”

19 May

ImageControl: Exposing the Truth Behind Ancient Aliens . . .

The Bible versus the Anunnaki stories . . .

The Sumerian Tablets are 4,500 years old.  The Torah is 3,313 years old which is the Old Testament in the bible.  This makes the Sumerian tablets 1,187 years older than the Torah.

  • Who should you believe?
  • Does this change anything?
  • If so…what?

Now keep in mind…if you were going to create a deception there are certain moves you would make and planting ancient text would have to be at the top of the list.

Just because this one is the oldest text found (so far) doesn’t mean it’s the truth.

“Ancient Alien Text”

In the beginning God created the Heavens and the Earth and all life on Earth, man and woman, in 7 days resting on the 7th day. The garden of Eden where 4 rivers meet Pishon, Gihon, Tigress, Euphrates.

In the Anunnaki version the Anunnaki Enki lands on Earth with 50 Anunnaki Hero’s and established Eridu in the Edin in 7 days making the 7th day a rest day. the Edin where 4 rivers meet. ( Mesopotamia, Iraq )


First off, we don’t even know if this text is actually in the Sumeruan Tablets.  Second problem is with the date.  The testing was not done correctly so there is a high chance the date isn’t correct.  But even if everything else pans out what does that prove?

Do you really believe that Satan sat by and watched God write a book and didn’t copy it and then try and rewrite history?

And do you really think Satan wouldn’t have tried to destroy the original?

While we’re at it do you also believe we’ve found all the ancient text there is to find?

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