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Getting Traffic to Your Website

15 May

reputation managementIn 2012 SEO was all about keywords.  In 2013 it went from being about keywords to being about solutions.  In the past you could grab a domain name, through some text on it, point some links at it and you were making money.

However, today it’s about finding a passionate group of people and solving a problem that group is facing.  This means you have to stop building sites around keywords and niches and start building sites around hungry people with a problem.  It’s one of the reasons I started doing reputation management.

Websites that make money have two things;

  • Visitors
  • Conversions

Conversion is all about tracking and split testing what’s happening on your site.  By tracking your visitors you are able to better understand what things are working or aren’t working on your site and apply the 80/20 rule.   The 80/20 rule says that 80% of your results will come from 20% of our work.

For example:

If 80% of your money is coming from 20% of your customers you could focus all your deals, software and advertising on that 20% instead of on everyone.  This in turn allows you to better target you’re adverting, which lowers your advertising cost, and improves your conversion.

Of course this means tracking everything.

What you’ll learn from tracking and split testing is that a website is not meant to just look good.

Your website will become a solution to a problem.  This means you’ll create an experience for people.  As you set goals for your site you’ll design your webpage around those goals.

This means you have to understand

  • Who you are communicating to
  • What their problems are
  • How your product solves their problem
  • How you can find them
  • How to get them to do what you want

If a web site fails to do this it fails. 

This means if your a divorce lawyer in Nashville you might need to join some forums that cater to local family’s.

Professional Reputation Management

22 Feb

In mseoy eleven years online, if there is one thing I’ve learned, it’s that the easiest thing to do is to destroy someone’s good name.  The hardest   thing you’ll ever deal with is trying to get it back.  The online world has become a place where attackers have gained the upper hand, and the people who are victims are at a disadvantage.

Professional reputation management is the lifeblood of your businesses.

It used to be that people trusted you based on what you said.  But now people are more likely to research you and believe what others say about you.


The world you once knew is gone, and it will never return.

Large companies are over taxed, and can no longer afford to hire large staffs.  Companies are investing in technology and calling employees partners, as they get rid of the low-end employees and seek to appease the best in their field.

These jobs are never coming back.

Unions, government overspending, class conflict, and tensions created by the government have seen to this.  I don’t think I’ll ever see a world like the one I grew up in.But then who wants the low-pay, low-prestige, low-dignity, and low-benefit jobs?

Big businesses are rebranding to look more personal, roughed-up and de-branded.  They want a homely, independent and authentic look.  The old look is a haunting reminder of the flush times that are now gone.

Reputation management is going to be part of that new world.

There are sites designed whose only job is too destroy hardworking business owners and their employees.  They suck the life out of small businesses.  They fill the Internet like a virus and suck life out of the people that participate in it.

These websites create pain and anger.  They are bottom feeders.Websites designed to make money from someone else’s hard work, with little to no effort from the site owners.  Websites designed to rank for your name, your businesses name, your products and even your employees names.

As business owners work hard to get their businesses in front of potential clients these sites walk in through the backdoor and rank for the businesses owners name.

The business owner spends his time teaching people about his product.  While the parasite ranks for his product name and sells advertising to his competition.

Eventually this will kill any business.

Reputation management is actually a combination of search engine optimization and social media marketing.

Reputation management is about getting bad stuff off Google — and good stuff on.  Reputation management is about getting the search engines to show what you want them to about you and your business.

To make a long story short, I’ve deiced to create a reputation management business.

It allows me to be free from rules, tight systems and narrow-mindedness.   

Being successful online is about developing your own style and not following someone else’s.  I know that at the moment my comment about being free from tight, systems and narrow-mindedness doesn’t make sense.

But if you will allow me I would like to make a series of post that will further explain what I am doing and how I am doing it.  Then you will better understand how reputation management allows you to step outside the box that Google and the SEO community have put us all in.